Scott Livengood Chief Executive Officer
Scott Livengood Chief Executive Officer

Rob Burmaster West Branch Director
Rob Burmaster Director of Operations

Gretchen Spires Director of Human Resources

Arthur Bryant Director of Finance

Diane Perry Development Director

Marcey McCabe Clinical Director

Jill Brubacher  North Branch Director

Mary Barrow South Branch Director

Penny Christen West Branch Director


Craig Eidsmoe Community Projects Specialist
Jillian Gruber Quality Assurance Manager
Amos Kihara Financial Services Manager
Patricia Minton Human Resources Generalist
James Okano Staffing Manager
David Bushnell Business Manager

North Branch

Isatou Ceesay Client Services Manager
Ryan Daniels Clinical Manager

West Branch

Nephtali Stackhouse Client Services Manager
Carla Kammer Clinical Manager

South Branch

Alieu Kamara Client Services Manager
Jesse Von Papp Clinical Manager