Alpha Opens it’s Spokane Branch

Alpha Supported Living Services: Spokane Branch

Due to our exceptional reputation, in late September Alpha was approached by the State to expand our services.  As we assessed the opportunity we were thrilled to expand Alpha Supported Living Services to Eastern Washington and bring our mission, “To serve individuals with developmental disabilities by providing residential and community services that maximize each person’s quality of life”, to this community.

In six short weeks we recruited, hired and trained staff (management and support), secured an office in close proximity to the individuals’ homes and purchased agency vehicles. On November 1, we launched our program, supporting 34 clients and acquiring 21 homes. During this transition we have grown to know and understand each person we support, fostered our relationships with families and guardians and established and strengthened our partnerships with our local state agency.

The Spokane Branch is proud to become the fifth Alpha Supported Living Services branch. While this endeavor has been one of change and development, we hold steadfast to our mission and values. We will never lose sight of what is important: ensuring each person we support has power and choice while enhancing their life.