Alpha Strong

Alpha’s King County programs have been impacted significantly by COVID-19. At the peak we had 7 homes in isolation due to a client or clients in the home testing positive for the virus. Our agency quickly implemented strategies to stop the spread. Staff have spent many hard long days and sleepless nights working to keep our clients safe. It has paid off; only one house remains in isolation. Alpha’s Spokane programs have not experienced the same affect from COVID-19 and we are so grateful for that. In a show of support, our CEO, Scott Livengood received a message and video from the Spokane Team:

“We have been fortunate here in Spokane to not be as affected as you our Alpha partners. For the last 8 weeks we have wondered what we can do to show our support to the DSP’s and the Management Team as you have all been impacted. The only thing we can do is send our thoughts and words of encouragement”

But they did more than that. They created a video to show all the employees of Alpha on the west side that they are standing with us. We will weather this storm together!#ALPHASTRONG

Thank you so much to all of the staff and clients in Alpha’s Spokane program for your support!

We Are In This Together