Community Feature: Alpha in the Lynnwood Times

Part of the work we do at Alpha is the integration of our clients with the surrounding community.  From inter-agency social groups to movie nights to volunteer work, we continually offer services to help encourage an environment that fosters full quality of life for our clients.  One of these services is the implementation of our Community Access and Community Projects programs.

Our Community Projects Specialist, Colleen Heins, is always thinking of creative ways to get her network of friends and family involved with Alpha.  This is especially true when our clients had to quarantine in their homes in the midst of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.  Colleen’s son, Stephen, along with his Eagle Scouts Troop 49, chose to volunteer their time to help bring joy to our homebound clients.  Thank you for your contribution to Alpha’s community!

Read his full story featured in local news outlet Lynnwood Times.