Annual Report 2020

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Letter from our CEO

“Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are.”

This quote from writer Arthur Golden captures the impact of 2020 and what has been revealed about all of us, our agency, our dedicated employees, the clients we support, and their families. To try to summarize all that we experienced and withstood  in one letter would be impossible. Suffice to say that it was continually challenging and unprecedented, while also empowering and enlightening to see the adversity that we can overcome together.

As we started 2020, we were focused on some recent additions to our agency from the merger of Nellie Goodhue Group Homes into our agency and their two homes and the new contracted program in Spokane, which started in November serving 34 clients. At the beginning of the year, we were gathering contractor quotes to update and renovate the two homes acquired through the merger and making frequent trips to Spokane to ensure everything was running smoothly and assist with the transition of services to our agency practices and systems.

At the beginning of March, the first case of COVID-19 in Washington was recorded and in fact, it was in a skilled nursing facility within a few miles of several of our homes and our main office. We immediately began purchasing necessary supplies, researching CDC guidelines, finetuning our protocols, training our employees, and finalizing our COVID-19 Planning Guide.

About three weeks after the first case in Washington, the Governor released the Stay Home, Stay Healthy Order. Though most people were able to transition to working remotely from home, our services were carved out as “essential” and so we provided all our employees with documentation to always carry so that we could continue our 24-hour support across approximately 90 homes in three counties.

Unfortunately, it was less than two weeks after that order was issued that the first instance of a client testing positive for COVID-19 occurred at our agency. Throughout the month of April, a total of 19 clients tested positive. Navigating the changes in the level of care and PPE when working with a client with COVID-19 and ensuring that staffing is maintained, especially when many of our staff had tested positive, was extremely challenging.

As you will see in the report, two clients and two employees passed away from COVID-19 over the last year. Our hearts continue to go out to their families, as well as all our employees who worked closely with them, some for many years. This was made even more difficult to endure as we were not able to properly mourn or celebrate their lives as the pandemic continued to impact our ability to gather or even stop for more than a few moments.

Numbers continued to increase, but by June we had no clients with active COVID-19. As was true for the rest of our state and the nation, numbers spiked even higher during the last six weeks of the year and during December, 32 clients tested positive, including our first cases in Spokane and Snohomish counties.

Through all of this, we have faced these challenges, grown from what has been learned, and achieved many accomplishments that we never dreamed we would need to experience, or even master, during our careers.

  • Purchased and distributed approximately $282,000 in PPE to the homes
  • Established screening protocols and systems for the homes and offices
  • Reduced office capacity to 25% and provided technology and equipment for those able to work from home
  • Installed air purification systems at our offices and our larger group training homes
  • Implemented testing protocols for clients and staff, including drive-through testing at our offices
  • Provided N95 mask fit testing days for all our employees in partnership with a contracted vendor
  • Successfully advocated for Supported Living to be part of Priority Group 1a for the vaccine
  • Conducted 9 vaccine clinics across our three offices, getting over 90% of our clients fully vaccinated

Looking back on this last year, it has been one of tragic loss, unprecedented challenges, and continual stressors, but also one of inspirational stories of dedication and commitment to overcoming all obstacles. To all our families, friends, employees, volunteers, community partners, and donors, we sincerely appreciate your continued support and vital role in the services we provide, especially over the last year as we faced and endured extremely challenging and uncertain times with continued dedication and commitment to our core values.

Scott Livengood
Chief Executive Officer

Balance Sheet

Current Assets$5,529,149
Property & Equipment$5,706,687
Other Assets$2,090,089
Total Assets$13,325,925
Liabilities & Net Assets
Current Liabilities$3,937,526
Long Term Liabilities$1,746,408
Total Assets$5,683,934
Net Assets
Net Assets, Beginning of Year$6,881,476
Net Income$760,515
Total Assets$7,641,992
Total Liabilities & Net Assets$13,325,925

Income Statement

Operating Revenue
DSHS Payments$41,950,476
Community Access, Private, & Other Care$597,907
Grants, Donations, & Special Events$372,863
Accounting, Consulting, & Non-Care Services$305,566
Total Operating Revenue$43,226,812
Operating Expenses
Direct Support Wages & Benefits$37,101,029
Administrative Wages, Benefits & Taxes$1,504,204
Vehicle Operation, Insurance & Transportation$970,256
Professional & Purchased Services$651,482
Office Rent, Supplies, Phone, Utilities, etc.$628,047
Program Supplies, Maintenance & Expenses$1,174,928
Interest, Taxes, Depreciation & Amortization$438,696
Accounting Services, Wages, & Benefits$66,834
Other Expenses$108,230
Total Operating Expenses$42,643,706
Net-Operating Income$583,106
Non-Operating Income
Non-Operating Interest/Gain on Investment$177,409
Net Income$760,515


We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals, families, and organizations who generously contributed $100 or more in support of our mission in 2020.


Barry and Judy Ohai


Tom Alberg and Judi Beck
Steve and Ruth Gimpel
Mark and Diane Midkiff
David Rind


Mike and Mary Lee
Sharon Lee
Bob and Jackie Wells


Linda and David Connell
Anne and David Crandall
Suzanne and Tom Hall
Carol Jackson and Richard Fenske
Scott Livengood and Ricardo Rizo-Ruiz
Steve and Diane McCloud
Luther McLean
Joe Monaghan
John and Mary Pat Osterhaus
Barri Rind
Frederick and Connie Scheetz
Joshua and Eileen Schnarr
Bob and Mary Stearns


Mac and Susan Archibald
Hari and Ramona Bell
Valerie Bell
Robert and Rebecca Brubacher
Rob and Nisha Burmaster
Marilyn and Don Covey
Lisa Ellis
Brenda and Don Ellwood
Ginny Groesbeck
Cynthia Hohlbein
Stanley and Frances Schill
Ed Sterner
Diane Terry
Glen Turner and Debbie Koshelnik
Cynthia Warden
Ron Weiss
Jim and Larry Woods-Palmer
Roger Zylstra


Arthur and Ines Bryant
Paul and Christen Donovan
Jeanne-Marie Eayrs
Cheryl and James Felak
Craig Fujisaki
Katharyn Gerlich
Ruth Ann Halford
Hal and Leslie Harber
Nancy Jewett
Carla Kepler
Ronald Johnson
Jan Johnston
Leslie and Ron Kinkade
Dean and Priscilla Kyrios
Larry Logue
Dale and Anne Martin
Chauncey McLean
Kris and Brian Morimoto
David and Jeanne Moussette
Jane Powers
Joan and Chuck Sienkiewicz
Jonathan Skamser
Donnel Steele
John Van Buskirk
Jim and Kathi Whittaker
Herb and Maggie Zeller


Dan and Judy Adams
Ron and Mary Barrow
Lennis Boyer Watts
Brandon Chisolm
Penny Christen
Barbara Christensen
Celia Cohen
Kathleen Davis
Dov Gartenberg
Debbie Goss
Ruse Heise
Mike and Claudia Hunter
Linda Hunter-Suzman
Jim Kuresman
Vicki Mar
Jaime Martin
Robert and Nancy Nersveen
Diane Perry
Sitaram Pillarisetty
Catherine Potts
Clark and Rebecca Puntigam
Amanda and Bennett Reinhard

Supporting Organizations


City of Issaquah


City of Kirkland
Gertrude and Eldon Sallee Foundation
Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle Area
Lakeside Industries
Raven Foundation
Snoqualmie Tribes


Innovia Foundation
Liberty Mutual Foundation
Williams Foundation


Clipped Wings
Enterprise Fleet Management
Kaiser Permanente Foundation
Mercury Pharmacy Services
Muckleshoot Indian Tribe
The Partners Group
South Lake Union Rotary Club
Umpqua Bank Charitable Fund


City of Bothell
Ehrlich-Donnan Foundation


Woodinville Whiskey, Co.

Employee Based & Matching Gifts Employers

Aetna Foundation
Amazon Smiles
Boeing Corporation
Casey Family Programs
Chevron Foundation
King County Employee Giving Program
Network for Good
Oracle Corporation
Propel Insurance
Union Bank

In-Kind Donors

The silver lining during 2020 was the outpouring of support from our community. At the beginning of the pandemic, the shortage of supplies was a real challenge. Alpha struggled to find PPE to keep our clients and staff safe. Through the generosity of our parents and guardians, donors, individuals, corporations, and organizations we were able to secure the supplies we needed.

We had countless community members provide hand-sewn masks for our clients and staff. While hospitals and clinics were a priority for many in terms of mask donations, our dedicated community members and supporters prioritized Alpha.

We also struggled to find medical gowns to provide for our staff. One of our clinical managers took it upon herself to organize gown donations for Alpha. She reached out to her friends and family and joined groups to ask for help via social media. Little did she know that her post on Facebook would spread and turn into a full-blown community effort to help Alpha. Helping Hands in Washington along with other volunteers began sewing gowns with donated material.

Monica Negrila, Human Services and Social Sustainability Coordinator for the City of Issaquah reached out to Alpha to find out how the City could support us during this time. After hearing about our clients and the one home that had 4 clients that tested positive for COVID-19, she immediately went into action to seek out resources for us. Within days we received hundreds of masks from the City as well as from the Issaquah Highlands Chinese Heritage Club.

Alpha found itself with a shortage of hand sanitizer to adequately provide for our clients and staff. We were very fortunate to have received hand sanitizer donations from Dry Fly Distilling, Woodinville Whiskey, Co., Glass Distillery, and the Fremont Mischief Distillery. All these distilleries shifted their production over to hand sanitizer which was provided to various members of the community free of cost.

These are just a few of the amazing stories of support. We are grateful for all the in-kind donations we received during this time.

Thank you for your donations!
Through our in-kind donors, we received…

4,371 Gloves

24,600 Gowns

98,650 Masks

2,480 Faceshields

The Mission of Alpha Supported Living Services

To serve individuals with developmental disabilities by providing residential and community services that maximize each person’s quality of life.

The Work

  • Treating each client with dignity, respect, and full consideration of individuality and civil and human rights;
  • Recognizing our staff members’ abilities and enhancing their growth and professional skills;
  • Working cooperatively with other individuals and organizations that share our goals; and
  • Developing broad-based sources of support to maintain financial stability.

Board of Directors

Paul Vlcek,

Salvador Segura,
Vice President

Jim Kuresman,

Gina Madeya,

Bob Breskovich

Ruth Ann Halford

Janessa Hunter

Linda Johnson

Mark Johnson

Jan Johnston

Penny Martin

 Katie Rosati


Scott Livengood,

Rob Burmaster,
Director of Operations

Arthur Bryant,
Director of Finance

Gretchen Weinstock,
Director of HR

Marcey McCabe,
Clinical Director

Diane Perry,
Director of Development

Dave Bushnell,
Special Projects Director

Debbie Goss,

James Okano,
Human Resources Manager

Kris Brown,
Financial Operations Manager

Alfonso Campis,
Area Business Manager


North Branch

North Creek Office

Jill Brubacher, Branch Director

Isatou Ceesay, Client Services Manager

Ryan Daniels, Clinical Manager

West Branch

Main Office

Penny Christen, Branch Director

Nephtali Stackhouse, Client Services Manager

Carla Kammer, Clinical Manager

South Branch

Main Office

Mary Barrow, Branch Director

Alieu Kamara, Client Services Manager

Kaitlin Grothe, Clinical Manager

Northwest Branch

North Creek Office

Jesse Von Papp, Branch Director

Aisha Crutchfield, Client Services Manager

Lori delaTorre, Clinical Manager

Spokane Branch

Spokane Office

Katie McCall, Area Director

Alora Ioane, Client Services Manager

Jacob Powell, Clinical Manager

COVID-19 Timeline

March 2020Washington announces Stay-At-Home order. Direct Support Professionals are listed as essential workers.
April 2020Alpha’s first instance of a COVID-19 positive client in the agency. Staff and houses are quarantined for safety.
May 2020Two clients and one staff member pass away due to COVID-19. The urgency for safety measures
increases as we call on our community for support.
June 2020COVID-19 cases peak nationwide. Alpha is hit hard with a rise in clients testing positive for the virus.
July 2020Due to our generous donors, Alpha is able to provide a safe work environment for our Direct Support Professionals through donated PPE. (over $282,000 worth of supplies).
August 2020Clients continue to test positive entering the fall season. Gov. Inslee and DSHS outline new “Safe Start WA” guidelines to move safely through new uptick in cases.
September 2020Alpha’s Development Department successfully secured grants to offset the cost of pandemic care. We are so grateful for the generosity of our community.
October 2020As the pandemic continues, our Community Projects team think of creative new ways to facilitate fun projects, Zoom social groups, and in-home activities.
Outdoor Drive-Thru movie night was an agency favorite.
November 2020Officially 12 weeks without a new client case. First news of vaccine announced. Through continued advocacy, supported living agencies have now been moved to group 1a vaccine prioritization.
December 2020Thanks to a few generous donors, we were able to deliverholiday gifts to many of our clients throughout our five branches.
Alpha experiences another wave of COVID-positive clients, 32 being the highest amount recorded for the winter season.
January 2021Alpha holds its first vaccine clinic to start moving towards a safer work environment for our staff and clients.

In Memory

Remembering our staff and clients who lost their lives to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Isatou was the first staff to succumb to COVID-19 in April. She had been a dedicated employee at our agency for almost 12 years and reported to us that she had become exposed to an individual she was supporting at a different job and immediately ceased working shifts in Alpha homes. She started exhibiting more significant symptoms and was eventually hospitalized before passing away. Isatou was very close with her co-workers, clients, and the family and guardians of those she cared for over the years. Her clients referred to her as “Mama.” She will be missed by everyone who admired her steady and caring presence in the homes, as well as those who were fortunate enough to call her a friend.

Sharon passed away after battling COVID-19 in the hospital for over a week. She had been served by our agency for over six years, where she received great support from the dedicated and caring staff. Sharon enjoyed spending time with her family and friends, as well as taking part in a variety of activities, including Special Olympics, walking club, arts & craft projects, and dancing. Sharon always lit up any room and enjoyed a fun and fulfilling life while supported by Alpha.

Ramazani had worked for Alpha as a Direct Support Professional for over three years and was loved by his co-workers and the clients he served. He worked in two of our more challenging homes and was viewed by other staff as a humble man who was always willing to help when called upon. His flexibility made him a key asset and assisted in helping our homes run smoothly. He had a caring attitude when working with our clients and always treated them with dignity and respect. He loved taking clients to explore areas in the community. In his personal life, Ramazani was a professional singer, songwriter, and musician. Ramazani immigrated to the United States over 30 years ago. He found the Northwest and made it his home because he loved the outdoors, the evergreen trees, and the mild climate. He will be greatly missed by our clients and Alpha family.

Miriam was a client at Parkwood House in Shoreline. She passed away in May after battling COVID-19 in the hospital. Miriam came to us at the beginning of 2017 from a group home provider in Pierce County. She had a boyfriend and many friends in the Seattle area and wanted to be closer to them as she enjoyed their company. She was a very articulate and independent-minded person that advocated for what she wanted, including doing her own research and selecting Alpha as a provider. Staff remember her as very friendly, funny, and thoughtful with an irresistible smile that would quickly cheer the saddest of hearts. Miriam was characterized as selfless and amazingly considerate, often shelving her own needs just to ensure her roommates were taken care of first.

Heroes of the Pandemic

Although all of Alpha’s staff stepped into the work required to push through this pandemic, we want to recognize our 2020 “Heroes of the Pandemic” award recipients

Josephine, South Branch

When the four clients she supported tested positive for COVID-19 in April of 2020, Josephine volunteered to continue to work without giving it a second thought. Her leadership and support during this time far exceeded her team’s expectations. From facilitating telehealth appointments in the client’s home to coordinating the  procurement of PPE supplies, Josephine was up to the challenge.

Josephine is the epitome of what it means to sacrifice for the sake of others. She is known for taking initiative and jumping in when and where she is needed. Her patience during these trying times set the tone for her team and as a result, her peers looked to her for guidance.

Tina, Spokane Branch

Tina has consistently gone above and beyond for the clients she supports. When the home she worked in went into quarantine she did not hesitate to work overtime to ensure that all the shifts were covered and the clients were safe. She was committed to ensuring that the home had the proper staff coverage and client support while maintaining consistent and continual care.

Many staff were afraid to work in the homes. Tina took the time to educate the staff on health protocols and how to keep themselves and the clients safe. Tina’s knowledge and patience was instrumental in easing the anxiety of staff and creating a calmer and more productive work environment.

Shante, Northwest Branch

At the beginning of the pandemic, the Northwest Branch received news that a client in one of their homes tested positive for COVID-19. In the coming days, two more clients in the home tested positive. At the same time, Alpha was also experiencing an increase in staff testing positive. This led to a challenge in staffing. As our options for coverage were running out, we reached out to Shante.

Without hesitation she agreed to work with the positive clients and cover as many shifts as needed to keep the home functioning. Shante made a significant impact on the program all while having a positive attitude and keeping up with a fast-paced environment. Her dedication and hard work throughout the home’s isolation period surpassed expectations.

George, North Branch

George is a hero every day, but especially now during the pandemic. He always focuses on the comfort and safety of his clients. When one of his clients was not feeling well and started exhibiting COVID-like symptoms, he did not hesitate in getting the client the medical attention they needed.

While his client’s diagnois was still unclear, George continually chose to support and help his client every step of the way. Thankfully, this client tested negative for COVID-19 and was able to make a full recovery with the help of George’s diligence and positive attitude.

Ousman, West Branch

Ousman may not consider himself a hero, but his actions show otherwise. He risked his own health and safety caring for our clients who are at high-risk for contracting COVID-19. He worked round the clock administering care for the individuals he supports.

For several weeks, Ousman was not able to see his own family. He did not want to accidentally transmit COVID-19 to his loved ones. He was asked about his decision to live and work away from home. His reply was simple:

“My heart goes out to those who cannot care for themselves.”

1,295 COVID-19 vaccine doses administered to staff and clients

$3,273,300 spent on COVID-19 related expenses in 2020

2,200 in-person and tele-health medical appointments assisted with in 2020

91 Number of client Zoom activities & meetings

1.4 million Direct Service Hours provided in 2020

21.8% rate of annual growth over 13 years