Representative Payee services

Alpha Supported Living Services offers representative payee services for individuals who need assistance managing their finances. Many of our representative payee clients qualify for Social Security benefits, and come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some clients may have a developmental disability or may be experiencing homelessness, substance dependency issues, or mental health challenges. We take care to understand to the best of our ability how each individual’s life situation intersects with their financial health.

With extensive experience managing finances and government benefits, Alpha is fully equipped and qualified to provide high quality, compassionate, and judgement-free representative payee services to our clients. We assist our representative payee clients with a wide range of financial services, including building budgets, paying bills, receiving Social Security benefits, managing expenses, and general financial education. Our goal is to help people learn healthy financial habits that allow them to stabilize their lives and build long-term financial independence.

If you or someone you know is seeking representative payee services, please send us an email through our contact form.