Nick, parent

“Put simply – he could not have been living in a better circumstance anywhere, and I have deeply appreciated that “the ship has somehow managed to sail on, thru the storm. I cannot imagine it being any harder…and I cannot imagine a job more well done. Please accept my deepest gratitude to all for getting Andy through this last year and a half, and for sustaining what I have come to believe has to be the best supported living agency in America.”

Jim & Kathi, parents

“We are deeply grateful for the welcome our family has experienced from Alpha and for all that Alpha does in the broader disabilities community, particularly in this challenging and constantly changing pandemic period.”

Mike, Father

A few years ago, I met with Laura from Alpha’s Community Access Program. And after our introductory interview, I had a good feeling that this might just be the perfect placement for my daughter. We often hear that we should strive for perfection but realize that it can be elusive. For my daughter, Alpha and Laura have achieved the perfect fit. Thanks for taking the time to get to know her and finding a meaningful activity that brings her so much joy!

Maria, Parent

Being out in the community with someone he knows and is a consistent presence in his life makes a world of difference to my son. I have really appreciated the continuity provided by Alpha’s Community Access staff and the fact that my son looks forward to his time with Ramsey.

Anna T., Client

Alpha is a very comfortable agency to live with. I’ve lived in Alpha for over 8 years. I’ve met a lot of new friends in the past 8 years.

Kathleen, Parent

Alpha does a better job than me with the doctor appointments, medication management, and monitoring for changing health concerns. It’s such a relief as a parent to have alpha do such a great job with medical care.

CK, Parent

Alpha SLS has given our daughter independence as well as safety. Alpha recognizes that each person’s needs are unique. We are so grateful for the personal attention of the daily caregivers, supervisors and office staff. Medical and dental needs are organized and supervised by an RN. It is such a relief to know that her care plan will be adjusted as changes and her needs change. We cannot thank Alpha enough for the attention to details in the daily life of our daughter.