About our Children’s Program

Boy smiling while sitting on swing

Alpha opened its first children’s home in October 2019.  This program is also referred to as “Out of Home Services” (OHS) through the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA).  These programs operate in Licensed Staffed Residential Homes, or LSRHs.

Our children’s program provides residential placement for children with developmental disabilities, outside the family home. OHS requires an agreement between the child’s parent or guardian and DDA, which outlines the services a child receives while placed outside of the family home and in the care of a licensed provider, like Alpha.

OHS can serve clients from ages 8 until their the day before their 21st birthday. The placement in a OHS program must be due solely to the child’s developmental disability.  The client’s needs must exceed that which can be provided in their family home.

The parent or guardian retains legal custody of their child, and work with the supporting agency in a “shared parenting” capacity to ensure all of the child’s social, medical, and emotional needs are met.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to participate in their child’s lives.

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OHS children’s programs typically have three residents living at one home. The home is operated by an on-site program manager and a team of direct support staff that supervise the children around the clock, often with a 1:1 staffing ratio.

The purpose of OHS is to provide children with developmental disabilities a safe and supportive environment to live, grow, and develop skills as fully and as independently as possible.

To learn more about our children’s program, or to inquire about possible placement with Alpha, please contact:
Dave Bushnell – Special Programs Director
(206) 284-9130 ext. 1052