Supported Living

Alpha currently serves approximately 200 clients in our supported living and group training home settings across Washington state in King, Snohomish, and Spokane counties. Since the beginning, Alpha’s primary mission has always been the inclusion of our clients in the community. The supported living model gives clients power and choice over their own lives while meeting each person where they are to support their individual needs.

Our clients pay for their own rent and other living expenses on an average annual income of $9,095. Alpha provides vital staff support that allows clients to thrive in a supported living model where people can live alone or with 2-4 housemates. We make it a priority to find living arrangements that balance the social needs and desires of each client with their financial, medical, and life goals. Some of our clients have lived with the same housemates for upwards of 40 years!

Each client receives personalized behavioral, social, & mental health support. Our dedicated health care team manages comprehensive health services for all our clients, with over 2,000 health appointments attended annually. Additionally, we support our clients to live healthy lifestyles through nutritional guidance, meal planning, and regular exercise with the help of our in-house nutritionist. 100% of our staff who provide direct care are trained in medication administration, and we have four agency registered nurses who oversee medical care.

Clients are supported to be as independent as possible with their finances and receive assistance from our financial services team. Over 20% of Alpha’s clients are actively employed in a wide range of industries, and even more volunteer for different community organizations. All services provided are guided by person-centered goal setting involving the client, their guardian(s), family, and staff.

If you are interested in receiving supported living services from Alpha, or would just like to ask some questions, feel free to contact us!

King and Snohomish counties