Clients get out and enjoy the Evergreen State Fair!

The annual Evergreen State Fair is a highly anticipated event at Alpha. Our Community Projects team organizes a day for Alpha to attend each year, this years date was on September 1st. It was a busy day with lots to see, eat, and do! From strolls to check out animals and vendors, to wild rides, everyone had a blast. Thank you Community Projects for coordinating this event!

Get to know Alpha’s Spokane Branch!

Over the summer, our Spokane Branch held its first annual Happy Hour and Hoops event. It was a great evening for the community to come together and get to know Alpha in Spokane. Take a moment to watch the video that highlights a few of our individuals from the branch and keep an eye out for information on next year’s Happy Hour and Hoops event!

Night to Shine

NTS Group

In March, nine West Branch clients enjoyed an amazing prom-like experience at the City Hill Church Northore’s “A Night to Shine.”  The night began with family members and staff being ushered downstairs, away from the clients, for their own night a pampering with a meal and a massage.  Upstairs all the clients had the opportunity to get their hair and makeup done, then they were paired with a community member as their “buddy” for the evening.

There was a DJ and an active dance floor.  Clients enjoyed photo booths, a balloon artist, a caricaturist, photographers, and a fully catered dinner.  Outside fire fighters and police officers opened up their fire engines and police cars for the clients to explore.  There was a red carpet and limo rides around the neighborhood.  The evening ended with all of the buddies putting a crown or tiara into their partner’s head as the room cheered for the Kings and Queens of the prom.

The Starry Night Prom

Amy at prom

Every year the Shoreline School District hosts the “The Starry Night Prom” for students who in their special education programs.  Amy was invited this year and made the most out of it!

Amy spent a day shopping with her staff Sierra, and they found Amy a beautiful blue gown, some silver shoes, and some accessories to accent her gown.  Sierra arrived to Amy’s home before the dance and styled her hair and did her make up.  Amy put on her gown, and she was happy and full of confidence as she has not had many chances to dress up for a night out.

At the dance, Amy got to walk down a dazzling red carpet into the dance.  The room was filled with her peers, decorations, and so much fun.  She spent her night dancing with friends, listening to music, and enjoying herself.  Amy is already expressing interest in attending this event next year.

Achieving Goals

Kerri Branch

Kerri is a strong self-advocate. Last year she set two goals – to have an operation to improve her vision, and to explore her community independently. She met both goals with great success! Her vision is now much improved and she can see the world around her in greater detail. She also demonstrated successfully accessing her community, which will increase her opportunities to visit some of her favorite and familiar places without staff support. Kerri is feeling very proud of herself for meeting these goals.